Information Sources:

As well as guidance given on this site, there are several publications that give information on precast concrete generally, and in some cases cladding in particular. These sources range from National Standards to reference books by respected and experienced authors. Standards and methods do change however, and the latest information should always be sought.

‘Precast Concrete Cladding’ – HPJ Taylor et al
Published by Edward Arnold , ISBN No 0-340-54475-9,     307pages

‘Cast In Concrete’ – Susan Dawson
Published by ACA , ISBN No 1-86081-034-9, 99 pages 

‘Aspects of cladding’
Published by I Struct E , ISBN No 1-874266-15-8,     71 pages

‘A guide to the design detailing and economics of precast concrete claddings’ 
Published by ACA

‘Precast Concrete Production’ – JG Richardson
Published by C&CA , ISBN No 7201-0912-3,     232 pages

‘Structural Design of Architectural Precast Concrete’ – 
Published by PCI (USA)     No 77-15369

‘PCI design handbook’
Published by PCI (USA) , ISBN No 0-937040-23-1

‘Design and typical details of connections for precast and prestressed concrete’
Published by PCI (USA) , ISBN No 0-937040-40-1

‘Precast concrete framed buildings’ – Kim Elliott
Published by BCA , ISBN No 0-7210-1416-X,     88 pages

‘Structural joints in precast concrete’ 
Published by I Struct E     56 pages

Hybrid concrete construction’ – C Goodchild
Published by BCA , ISBN No 0-7210-1479-8,     64 pages

The above publications are ‘significant’ books, and are in addition to the more regular items such as ‘Façade’, published by ACA, ‘SPANews’ from SPA, ‘PCI Journal’, and various items published by BPCF.