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I need to know about Design for Deconstruction for precast floor slabs

I am looking for a supplier of a precast wall to wall panel connector (bolted or loop type,not welded). I am looking to connect lightweight concrete panels about 1600kgs/m3

Is there a design guide for steel plates cast into concrete walls with shear studs on the rear and a fin plate welded to the front face to receive a steel beam?

When manufacturing pre-tensioned concrete beams, what operative or gang fixes the strands in place before tensioning takes place?

What is the benefit of tubular lifting inserts over flat end lifting inserts?

What is the maximum pour size, without joints, that is recommended for a 75 mm thick structural screed (bonded) on precast hollow-core slabs, with A 142 reinforcing mesh? (This is to reduce likelihood of drying shrinkage cracking)?

Considering design of slender precast load-bearing walls. BS8110 had clauses and which required that vertical load from the floor immediately above the wall was applied at an eccentricity of 0.167 times the thickness of the wall while other loads could be considered concentric. Has EC2 anything similar?

What is the best method to remove stains from existing concrete panels?

Can I use plastic moulds to make my concrete cubes?

What is the tensile strength of concrete?

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